Urban art

Bovisa - Milan

Murals, 6x4 m, 2022

Malasaña - Madrid

Urban art, 2023

Alonso Martinez - Madrid

Urban art exhibition, 2023

"With these works, I want to represent the unconsciousness of each one of us, linked to the loss of a loved one, by trying to describe the desperation and daily pain, the intimate and invisible one, that we secretly carry to bed every night. Each image represents a part of a dream, with not always defined outlines and with a meaning that is always ambivalent or symbolic. The use of an ancient brass showcase allows recreating a spiritual and sacred environment that reminds one of votive chapels, religious architectural structures still found in many countries for the protection of passersby. Inside, there is a bouquet of fresh flowers that represent the transience of life and that everything sooner or later comes to an end."