Gianluca Lattuada

Milan - Madrid


Throughout his recent work, Lattuada is exploring universal themes such as eroticism, strength, violence and the transience of life. His art reflects a restless and melancholic state of mind characterized by hidden desires, anxieties, and an existential discomfort, as well as a constant search for transcendence in our human relationships.

The viewer is confronted with a world in shadow, wherein the flesh of the body becomes the protagonist, symbolizing the fragility of life. Often, the faces are not recognizable, indicating that in his work we are equal; regardless of time, geographic origin, age and social condition.

In his paintings Lattuada frequently references literature, cinema, music and urban culture, creating a puzzle that the viewer can decode and reconstruct using their own personal tools and vision to find meaning in a continuous process of intimate and spiritual tension.

In other words, "Through references to the past, Lattuada finds spotlights that help him shed light on the present, thus revealing new meanings that were previously unknown. In this way, the artwork is intended as a testimony of the present, acting as a medium between a before and an after, managing to guide the viewers' gaze in a specific and new direction." (Pontormo, monograph, p.127, "Tra genio e follia" series, La Repubblica, 2023).

His unique language and search sets him apart from other artists of his generation, thus he is able to "illuminate the present in an innovative way with the energy, forms, and meanings of the past." (Pontormo, monograph, p.128, "Tra genio e follia" series, La Repubblica, 2023).


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