Gianluca Lattuada

Milan - Madrid


The recurring themes in Lattuada’s work are the energy of bodies, eroticism, violence and the transience of life (“memento mori” philosophy). The body therefore becomes the perfect tool to represent all of this in a universal way, to remind us that we are all human flesh, without any distinction. He believes that art should mostly talk about life, desires, subconscious, dreams, deep secrets and pain of contemporary society. Faces are often not recognizable because everyone is metaphorically the same, regardless of the city or country, as well as their age, ethnicity and geographical origin. In his works there are references to underground and urban culture and elements from the past, not only from the traditions of classical art but also literature, through quotations and references to the great masters. It is also a way of remembering that "we are what we were".

Press and publications

Project "Conversations" at Prado Museum of Madrid - LaSexta
Pontormo, collana "Tra genio e follia" curata da Vittorino Andreoli, La Repubblica (2023)
Radio Nacional España RNE-RTVE interview

Al-tiba9 Contemporary Art Magazine - 10 Questions with Gianluca Lattuada interview

ABC Cultural - A veces llegan cartas (Jul 22)

Al-tiba9 - Art Magazine Issue 12 (Jan 23)

Flora Fiction, Fall 2022 - Art and literary magazine (US)

Spellbinder, Fall 2022 - A Quarterly Literary and Art Magazine (UK)


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