Gianluca Lattuada is an Italian contemporary artist based in Madrid, Spain. He had exhibitions in Italy, Spain, UK, Mexico and his works have been published in international art books and magazines.

In his paintings Lattuada frequently references literature, mythology and masterpieces of classical art, creating a puzzle that the viewer can decode and reconstruct using their own personal tools and vision to find meaning in a continuous process of intimate and spiritual tension.

In other words, "Through references to the past, Lattuada finds spotlights that help him shed light on the present, thus revealing new meanings that were previously unknown. In this way, the artwork is intended as a testimony of the present, acting as a medium between a before and an after, managing to guide the viewers' gaze in a specific and new direction." (Pontormo, monograph, p.127, "Tra genio e follia" series, La Repubblica, 2023).

His unique language and search sets him apart from other artists of his generation, thus he is able to "illuminate the present in an innovative way with the energy, forms, and meanings of the past." (Pontormo, monograph, p.128, "Tra genio e follia" series, La Repubblica, 2023).